Sudan Ministerial Cabinet to hold Extra Ordinary Meeting at Upper Atbara and Setait Project Site


Sudan Ministerial Cabinet will hold an extra ordinary session at Upper Atbara and Setait Project site to mark the start of power production in the project.

The Minister of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity, Mutaz Musa, told national Radio, that Upper Atbara and Setait Project is the largest development project in East Sudan. “Upper Atbara and Setait Project is a model for joint Arab cooperation in the region. The project is expected to create huge development in the region and those affected by the project were settled in 11 residential towns equipped with all basic services and income generation activities. ,” said Mutaz .

Upper Atbara and Setait project to generate 320 Megawatts of power, according to Mutaz who pointed that lifting U.S sanctions against Sudan will help developing power generation sector, transmission and funding.

Concerning providing power to agricultural projects, Mutaz said that Sudan is exerting great efforts to benefit from renewable energy in both industry and agriculture.


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