Upper Atbara and Setait Project

The idea to establish Upper Atbara and Setait was founded six years after the completion of Khasm Al Garab Dam. The Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources conducted the project studies at that time. However the project studies were updated in 2007 to 2009 by Dams Implementation Unit.

The project aims to provide irrigation water for new Wadi Halfa Agricultural Project, provide fresh water for humans, animals and agriculture, provide irrigation water for Upper Atabra Agricultural Project, generate power, supply Gadarif town with water and increase fish production in the area.

The project studies were updated by several international companies and consultants in 2007 - 2010.

The project is located 30 kilomters form Shouk town and has parts in both Kassala and Gadarif state.  


The project description:


Upper Atbara Dam is 58 meters high and Setait is 55 meters high and 13 kilometers long.
The project consists of one lake
The power generation station is 320 megawatts and includes four turbines
The power transmission line is 28 kilometers long.
The project lake is 297 square kilometers and can store  up to 688 billion cubic meters.

Project Funding:

Arab Economic and Social Development Bank
Kuwait Development Bank
Saudi Development Bank
Jeddah Development Islamic Bank
Abu Dhabi Fund for Development
OPEC Fund for International Development.

Upper Atbara Agricultural Project

Upper Atbara Agricultural Project is one of Upper Atbara and Setait project components and will be irrigated from the project.


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